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What are the advantages of Family Child Care?


The family child care provider's first responsibility is to the child

Family Child Care Providers become extended families, assisting parent in caring for their child's physical and emotional needs

These children are nurtured and love by one consistent provider in a stable and secure family environment which promote a smooth transition between loving homes.

Some of the advantages and unique offering of family child care include

  • Continuity of Care 
  • Family Environment 
  • Communication of child's development 
  • Building self-esteem 
  • Field trips 
  • Preschool programs
  •  Music, Arts & Crafts 
  • Balanced, nutritional meals 
  • Mixed age groups
  • Years of experience

Your family child care provider is not a babysitter.  She or he, is a professional person, a business person and an educator.

 Most family child care providers continue their education in the field by attending trainings throughout the year, every year. This is certainly true of our membership who are offered 10 workshops each year covering various topics related to child care.

 But how do you find that perfect provider for your family?

Our association offers you a free referral service to help you in your search.  The Lisle Naperville Family Child Care association's referral secretary will provide you with names of providers with openings which may meet your needs. 

This referral service includes:

NO FEE referral service of the Lisle Naperville area

NETWORK SYSTEM for additional referrals in Dupage, Will, Kane and Cook Counties

To Contact our Referral Line, call (630) 369-1799

You will be asked to leave a message with details about your family's specific child care needs.

Our referral secretary will return your call and assist you with your child care search.

It is important to keep in mind that the referral secretary will provide referrals and NOT recommendations.  

The decision is up to you, the parent, to select what is best for your family situation.